“I have had a number of therapists over the last twenty years, but I have found Lorraine to be one of the most effective and professional. In the relatively short time that I have seen her she has helped me gain a much better understanding of the issues I face, and how by taking more responsibility for my feelings I can improve my relationships with those at work and around me. Given my personal history, I have not found this easy, but Lorraine’s empathetic manner and genuineness have helped me gain some very important insights over the past few months. More importantly Lorraine is not afraid to challenge and confront my beliefs when she feels they may not be helping me – she is able to do this in a non-critical way, which I find easier to take on board. I have had some bad experiences with therapists in the past, so trust is a significant issue for me. I trust Lorraine; she is an excellent therapist; and I would happily recommend her to anybody.”

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